Kids and Art


I absolutely love teaching kids art, it is so rewarding in so many ways. I am not a qualified teacher I am an artist so I teach kids after school hours. It is so much better than being a teacher I have no restrictions, I can teach varied techniques, jump from one thing to the next, have no set curriculum and we get to have so much fun and lots of laughs.

There are different types of kids those that are totally full of confidence, experiment with colour and are bold and love and admire everything they produce. There are the other kids that are slightly reserved willing to learn and inhale everything you teach them like and sponge and studiously attack their work completing everything to perfection. And then you get the kids that are so afraid of doing something wrong, I have had kids in tears after completing their work as it doesn’t meet their standard and they are upset that their piece is not good enough.

So why is that? Do we pressure our kids to be the best they can be so much that they are afraid to fail?

Art should be so joyous, I try to say to them that everything does not have to be a masterpiece and that even if you feel your work failed that you can learn something from that piece and walk away and next time fix your mistakes. I guess we all strive to be the best we can be and we are always too hard on ourselves. So I strive to teach kids art, to be confident, experiment with colour, laugh, have fun and trust that your work will turn out and I it doesn’t so what!!

So below is my Saturday kids masterpieces – glorious colour, some perfect, some not so perfect but more importantly all their own work and no tears!



Technology and Art

So I have blogged before just for fun, I actually really enjoyed it for a long while it was cathartic writing your thoughts down and hopefully people find some snippets remotely interesting.  I then jumped off the blog bandwagon and didn’t give my old blog a second thought.  However after setting up my new website I started to get very confused about getting traffic through to my new site.  It is an entirely different world of technology out there and I am merely an artist that just wants to paint and have millions of people view my work so I had to try and negotiate my way through the world of SEO (What even is this?) website tracking, engaging people to view my site – I had to endure endless calls from SEO companies based in India promising me the world for a small fee!  All of which I don’t really understand the back links of google are a mystery to me.

It’s all very confusing and quite time consuming – each morning I get my cup of coffee and start my Facebook updates, my Instagram updates, check my emails etc, I don’t have to worry about the world of Tweet’s or Snap Chat’s I never really got into those.  By the time you have spent an hour or two on your mobile device your either wired by your second cup of coffee or ready for a nap!

Hopefully this weekend after I have done my internet duties I can put the phone away and get back to my real love of painting.  I can switch on some tunes and lose myself in a beautiful West Australian shore break and forget about technology for a while.

If you are a full bottle on all of this technology I would love to hear from you and to all the artists out there would love to open up a chat about the fine line between balancing your art and marketing…… until next time

Have a wonderful technology free weekend!